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Dutch Version of Double X Economy Has Been Released

The Double X Economy, my new book, is set to be translated into several languages. Most of the translations will be released over the next six months or so. There are three translations coming out during September: Dutch, German, and Italian.

The first of these is the Dutch translation which was released yesterday in the Netherlands. In support of this translation, I will be putting out blogs about women's economic status in the Netherlands. These will be posted in English with Dutch translations.

The Dutch translation of The Double X Economy is also available in Belgium

I encourage readers in other countries to read these entries, even if they are not resident in the Netherlands or Belgium. That's because these examples are informative; the statistics, in particular, call into question some basic precepts people have about women in the economy in other countries as well. So I will be showing data for other countries within the Dutch blogs as well.

I will also be asking some questions I think are interesting to think about, such as:

  • Is part-time work good for married women even if they are not yet mothers?

  • Does it matter whether women are happy with their economic arrangements if those engagements jeopardize their security?

  • Do women owe their nations full-time work if it is really needed to support their fellow citizens' prosperity?

I expect the first blog to post on Monday. Please take a look when it does..


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