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Linda Scott

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Linda Scott is Emeritus DP World Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Oxford who works with multinational corporations, international agencies, national governments, and global NGOs designing and testing programs to better include women in the world economy. She founded the Global Business Coalition for Women’s Economic Empowerment, a coalition of eleven major multinationals who word together on women’s economic empowerment. She is currently a gender advisor to the World Bank and has written a position paper on the impact of gender inequality on poverty for USAID.  She was formerly Senior Consulting Fellow to Chatham House, the Royal Institute for International Affairs.

Professor Scott was selected as one of the Top 25 Global Thinkers by Prospect magazine in 2015. The Double X Economy concept was also featured by a special Financial Times video series called, “Thinking Big” in January 2014.  Professor Scott also founded The Power Shift Forum for Women in the World Economy.

Many other world press vehicles, from The Economist to BBC, have covered Linda’s research. In addition to her own blog, The Double X Economy, Scott has blogged for the World Economic Forum, Forbes, and Bloomberg on gender issues. Her book , The Double X Economy, which was published in 2020 by Farrar Straus & Giroux in the US and by Faber & Faber in the UK.  The book is now being translated into 14 languages, for distribution across most countries in the world and has been recognized as one of the best science books of 2020, as well as one of the best business/economics books.

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