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What Women’s Entrepreneurship Could Mean

The graphic below was sent to me by Allison Morris, with credit due to, which, of course, sells business degrees online.  Nevertheless, the information here is provocative.

First, there is the reminder of how far we have come.  I am often telling students and colleagues that the “developed” nations are not so far ahead of the “developing” nations as they may think:  access to credit and even the ability to enter into a contract are changes in my lifetime.  See how the graphic mentions the U. S. Equal Credit Act–enacted in 1974.

The story of women’s increased participation in business-building is then shown, but the most interesting thing to me is the claim that women-owned businesses employ a more diverse workforce and provide more benefits.  I am not sure what the source is for this information, but the claim is an important one.  In Mexico City last week,  I heard the refrain often:  by supporting women as owners, we will support women as employees.  We need to know that outcome is real.

Finally, there are the statistics about women’s lack of confidence and their underrepresentation in tech industries.  Both of these, too, are serious and important issues.  Thanks for sending, Allison!

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