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WEE News: October 20-26

See what happened this week in women’s economic empowerment news (Week of October 20-26, 2016)

women's economic empowerment in the news

Gender-Just Macroeconomics: Engaging the IMF and World Bank 10/20/2016

The Bretton Woods Project has published its latest briefing, Gender-Just Macroeconomics: Engaging the IMF and World Bank. This booklet is a guide for civil society on why macroeconomics matters to gender equality; how the IMF and World Bank shape global macroeconomic policy; and the ways in which civil society can advocate for gender-just macroeconomic policies that work for everyone.

Find the full booklet in PDF here.

UFM: Women in the Mediterranean and Development 10/24/2016

More than 400 women from 40 Mediterranean and European countries met in Barcelona for two days as part of the third Women Forum entitled “Women of the Mediterranean: Development Incentive, Stability Polar” organized by the Union for the Mediterranean (UFM).

Gambian Women Hailed for Contribution to Economic Development 10/20/2016 The Observer

The vice president has hailed Gambian women for engaging in all income generating activities as well as holding prominent positions in the public and private sector of the Gambian economy.

Wonder Woman Named U.N. Honorary Ambassador for Empowerment of Women and Girls 10/21/2016 Yahoo!

U.N. Staffers Petition to Recall Wonder Woman as Ambassador to Women 10/21/2016 AdveritsingAge

US State Dept, UN ink $3.5m grant to Pakistan 10/21/2016 The Express Tribune

A ceremony was held on Thursday to mark the signing of a three-year agreement, providing a grant of $3.5 million signed by the United States Department of State and UN Women (the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women) Headquarters to support UN Pakistan’s initiative: Prevention and protection of women from violence through access to justice, services and safe public spaces.

Feminism has key role in quest for social justice, development — experts 10/23/2016 The Jordan Times

Princess Basma says Arab feminism should reach out to other social movements to become part of mainstream rhetoric

Beyond our Lifetimes: Prospects for Workplace Gender Equality Slip to 2186 10/26/2016 World Economic Forum

China Hosts Pan-Asian Women’s Forum to Mark 25th Yr of Cooperation 10/21/2016 Women of China

A special forum on cultural and social issues affecting women who live along the basin of the Lancang-Mekong River, which runs from southwest China to Vietnam, was held from October 19-22 in Beijing.

UN Women office in Abu Dhabi will ‘empower women’ 10/20/2016 The National (UAE News)

The newly-launched UN Women liaison office in the capital, one of five worldwide, will focus on policy advocacy and advice to remove barriers to equal opportunities for women and girls in the region.

Women and men won’t reach economic equality until 2186, index says 10/26/2016 The Indian Express

Gender inequality gets worse in Switzerland 10/26/2016 SwissInfo

FCMB Supports Internally Displaced Women in Maiduguri 10/25/2016 Nigeria Today

As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, First City Monument Bank (FCMB), in partnership with Sesor Empowerment Foundation recently gave succour to some internally displaced women in Maiduguri, Bornu State, under an economic empowerment programme aimed at alleviating poverty.

Government spends N6M to empower 363 women 10/24/2016 Pulse (Nigeria News)

The Jigawa Government on Saturday said it spent N6.92 million to train 363 women in various income-generating trades in the state.

108 women were trained in Beads-Making and were given N20,000.00 each as seed capital to set up their own businesses. The special assistant added that another set of 108 of women were trained in Stone Work and Embroidery and were also given N25,000.00 each as seed capital.

According to him, 147 women received training in Spices-Making, and were given N15,000.00 each to establish their own businesses.

Mujaddadi said that additional 250 women had been identified for training in leather works (bags and shoes making) and poultry.

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