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WEE News: February 5-11

See what happened this week in women’s economic empowerment news (Weekly Roundup for February 5-11, 2016)

women's economic empowerment in the news

Starting this week, WEE News posts will be published on Mondays and will cover the full week prior.

In the News: Women’s Economic Empowerment in Dubai

Dubai hosts UN talks on women’s economic empowerment 2/6/2017 The National (UAE News)

The UN Secretary General’s High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment, hosted by the UAE Gender Balance Council brought up many WEE issues and what steps can be taken by private and public sector groups to empower women throughout the value chain.

Issues raised at the event will form a report to be released next month.

UAE is seeking to boost cooperation with international organisations focused on women’s empowerment, says Sheikha Manal 2/8/2017 Government of Dubai

In the News: Women & Tech

Tech is empowering women, and it’s great for business 2/8/2017 GreenBiz

DoubleXEconomy attended the Leveraging Technologies for Women’s Economic Empowerment webinar on Thursday 9 February hosted by UN Women and EmpowerWomen. Please take the time to watch the recording and the presentation.

Women in IT look to narrow the gender gap 2/7/2017 The National

Other Top Stories

National Women’s Parliament, with theme of ‘Empowering Women’, begins in AP 2/10/2017 Deccan Chronicle

Varsity Student gets selected by UN’s Empower Women as a 2016/2017 Global Champion for Change 2/8/2016 Standard Media (Kenya News)

The future of global women’s rights under Trump? ‘It could be devastating.’ 2/9/2017 WLRN

P&G makes new commitment to gender equality 2/10/2017 The Times of India

What women can do for regional economies 2/7/2017 The Daily Express (Trinidad News)

‘Pakistani women most politically empowered in South Asian region’ 2/10/2017 The News (Pakistani News)

Lost in transition: no change for women’s rights in Liberia 2/8/2017 ISS Africa

To save its budget, the US State Department is defining gender equality as a national security issue 2/10/2017 Quartz

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