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WEE News: December 8-14

See what happened this week in women’s economic empowerment news (Weekly Roundup for December 8-14, 2016)

women's economic empowerment in the news

Cash chaos shows India’s women need financial system they can bank on 12/12/2016 The Guardian

Banning the country’s most widely used notes has hit poor women hardest, as they often do not have bank accounts or access to financial services

Modern farming changing women’s economic status 12/10/2016 MyRepublica

UN Empower Women names Nigerian Global Champion 12/12/2016

TiE Global initiates women empowerment programme 12/8/2016

TiE Global (TiE Inc) has announced the launch of the “All‐India Road Show on Women’s Economic Empowerment through Entrepreneurship,” a new programme to unleash value creation amongst aspiring young women in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India.

United Nations Cans Wonder Woman in the Name of Women’s Right 12/14/2016

It was announced yesterday that the United Nations has discontinued its campaign promoting Wonder Woman as an ambassador for equality and women’s rights after backlash expressed through nearly 45,000 signatures in an online petition protesting the character’s “current iteration.”

Uganda: We’re Out to Help Uganda Graduate to Middle-Income Status 12/13/2016

Women Entrepreneurs Lead Small Business Economy in Africa 12/12/2016

European Marketing Research Centre is inviting Africans and women entrepreneurs from the entire world to scale their businesses in February 2017. The Africa Finance & Investment Forum (AFIF) will take place in Nairobi, Kenya between 13th and 16th of February.

Taxi owner empowered by business development programme 12/14/2016 Drum (South Africa News)

The Department of Small Business Development has developed the Women Economic Empowerment Programme in partnership with The Coca Cola Company , UN Women and Hand In Hand South Africa which is an NGO that upskills people from disadvantaged communities. Taxi owner Zandi Nombila, who has seven taxis transporting 120 school school children in the Western Cape, is particularly moved by the project.

What does success look like? For this single mother in Guatemala, it’s all about perseverance 12/8/2016 Oxfam – First Person Blog

Women empowerment key to achieving food security 12/13/2016 Pulse (Nigeria News)

Zimbabwe: Women’s Economic Empowerment a Fallacy? 12/8/2016 The Herald (Zimbabwe)

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