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Trumpbusters Take SFO on Tax Day

The Trumpbusters appear at Tax Day March in SFO. Their mission was to raise money for Planned Parenthood. Great job! From left, Kapril, Elizabeth, Diana, AJ, Mikey, and Liza (I infer Alex took the picture).

As mentioned in previous posts, my daughter Liza planned to be at the Tax March this weekend to sell pussyhats and give the proceeds to Planned Parenthood.  The idea evolved into a costumed appearance of Liza and her friends as “Trumpbusters.”  As you can tell from the email below, they had some unexpected success! Lots of fun and a good show for a good cause.  (And these guys are always up for a costumed outing.)

Hey mom!

So the tax march!!

We took 40 pussy hats to the march (and sold like 10 before that) to make total of $1200 for planned parenthood!

We rocked it!

Trumpbusters was my brainchild but Elizabeth actually learned to crochet just for this pussyhat project and she killed it! We both made 20 hats each for the march today! So proud!

Anyway, here’s some pics including a few posted by people who asked us to pose for pictures with them! I now officially know what it’s like to be an attraction in a theme park lol! We were asked so many times to take pics with people, to keep up, half of us would be posing while the other half were selling hats in the background! This was a full team effort: Chad made our logo (included), Mikey, Diana, Alex and Kapril made us a sign to bring more folks over to buy hats, Kapril was our “barker”, bringing attention to our cause and A.J. was our money guy, making sure all of our donations were safe and accounted for (cause walking around with that much cash would be asking for trouble and no ones gonna mess with a guy with killer dimples like that!), Diana and Mikey carried hats in their pockets to sell them while in mid-march!

We couldn’t believe the reception, a bunch people told us we had the best outfits at the whole march, organizers from other events gave us flyers and said they’d love it if we made an appearance later this month at their organizations since we made such a splash today! some of these pictures I’m sending we got off today’s event’s actual Facebook page! That strangers posted! This was definitely one of my better ideas lol!

Anyway, it was awesome! We’re gonna break the suits back out next weekend for the science march but we’re fresh outta hats so we won’t be selling this time but I feel great about today’s progress. $1200 may be a drop in the bucket but it’s a big fat wet drop for just a couple of crafty folks in the bay! ❤

Well done! You can click here to buy the T-shirts with Chad’s terrific logo. There are T-shirts, tanks, hoodies, etc.  Proceeds go to Planned Parenthood,


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