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Thirty Years Anniversary: Women at Balliol College

I am pleased to have been invited to speak on the evening of March 5 (8PM) at Balliol College. The lecture, which will be on The Double X Economy, is part of a series in honor of the admission of women, thirty years ago, to the College. The first cohort of female undergraduates was admitted in 1979, but Balliol already had a female senior academic, Carol Clark, a professor of French. Indeed, Clark was the first woman to have been appointed to one of the traditionally all-male colleges of Oxford.

Lady Dervorguilla was the wife of John Balliol, founder of Balliol College at Oxford. She was the author of the College's first statutes.

The series is named the Dervorguilla Series, in honor of the author of the College’s statutes, Lady Dervorguilla. Indeed, Balliol claims a long tradition of connection with women, one that extends from their patron saint, Catherine of Alexandria, through their major benefactor, Hannah Brackenbury. Today, the College enjoys an association with Dame Stephanie Shirley, one of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs, and founder of The Shirley Foundation. Current graduates, in spite of this history, show a strong awareness of the continuing challenges for women through their recent publication, Balliol’s Rib.

I look forward to engaging with the members of Balliol at the event on March 5.


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