#PowerShiftForum: Glittering List of Sessions and Speakers


There is a thread running through that touches on multiple policy issues and approaches, in order to ramp up to the final session and action step, in which the Power Shift audience will gather to provide their input to the new United Nations High Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment.  Throughout, key issues such as violence, religion, access to capital, and subconscious bias will be brought into consideration as global issues.

Below is a detailed listing, with descriptions, speaker names, and moderators for the sessions. These are not in order of appearance. To see the exact schedule and to indicate interest in attending, please click here.





Engendering Policy Change. “Women’s issues” are often an add-on to larger policy processes. How do we get consideration
 for women when big decisions, like trade agreements and peace negotiations, are made? This panel will discuss the relationship between ensuring women’s participation in policy decisions, putting a gender lens on “neutral” decision- making, and the pursuit of “women’s issues.” Moderator: Avery Blank, Senior Social Policy & Advocacy Architect, TheSocialArchitects.




Resilient Leadership. From the glass cliff to the gender stress gap, women leaders face converging personal, professional, global and gendered challenges. Come learn about emerging research on why and how resilience that allows women leaders to use adversity to their advantage is essential in these challenging times. Session leader:  Ama Marston.





The Power Shift Forum for Women in the World Economy is made possible through the generosity of the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth.


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