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Power Shift Prep Guide

Power Shift is an active gathering of passionate people. If you are going, it is important to become familiar, in advance, of the materials that support the activities. For those who will be joining us this week (and those who would like to know what we are up to), here is a short guide to the true essentials.

It’s good to look over the flow of the day and plan in advance what sessions you want to hear. Power Shift is a total experience, where the conversations over cocktails are as important as the speeches, and the dialog develops over the course of the days.  So most participants try to be there for most of the event. You can click the subtitle above to get the agenda so you can plan your Power Shift experience.

In the early afternoon of the first day (November 9), there will be a case study, developed especially for Power Shift, that will be taught by three senior Oxford faculty. Case teaching doesn’t work unless the “students” are prepared. And you don’t want to look bad in front of the teachers! So, in the link above is the case for you to download. It will take about 30 minutes to read.

On the morning of Day 2 (November 10), the action step work will begin. It would be best to know what is at stake ahead of time. This blog explains.

Reports on Measurement (see links below)

During the afternoon of Day 2 (November 10), there will be a session on measuring women’s empowerment.  For those attending that session, it may be useful to read these two summaries first: Measuring Womens Economic Empowerment and Advisory note on Measures for Women’s Economic Empowerment.


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