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Oxford Analytica Videos Have Been Posted

Sorry, I couldn't help myself: here I am with the portrait of Consuelo Vanderbilt (Alva Belmont's daughter) at the Oxford Analytica banquet in Blenheim Palace last week. Jim and I were skulking around taking pictures of each other up against the grandeur.

I wrote last week to describe the panel on the Double X Economy at the Oxford Analytica Global Horizons conference–it was the first time that this prestigious political and economic think tank had focused on women. I moderated the panel, which included Melanne Verveer, Caroline Anstey, and Helena Morrissey.

There are several videos. One is for the first day highlights, which includes some clips from our panel, is HERE.  Then there are interviews with:

Caroline Anstey, Managing Director of the World Bank, in charge of the gender agenda. Interview is HERE.

Helena Morrissey, founder of the 30 Per Cent Club and CEO of Newton investments. Interview is HERE.

These are three articulate women and I really recommend watching the videos.


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