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Mourning RBG

A memorial for Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Rhode Island Supreme Court

Could things have gotten any worse? I wouldn't have thought so last Thursday.

We were coming up on the COVID milestone of 200,000 deaths. Trump, as usual, was unhinged. Multiple books have come out over the past few weeks revealing new glimpses into just how bad it is behind the scenes. The economy is horrible.

And then, Friday night, my phone buzzed and. . . Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died.

I have been so down about this. We all knew she would go eventually, probably fairly soon. But she had held on through nearly four years of Trump and I think maybe we thought she was going to make it. And then she was gone.

And now so much of what she worked for, especially gender equality, is vulnerable.

I am not sure American democracy can take many more hits.


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