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Maryalice Wu on Gigabit Nation

Just wanted to note that Maryalice Wu, who collaborates with us on many projects, is featured on Gigabit Nation, talking about her experiences dealing with infrastructural absences when doing research in the developing nations.  In particular, she points to something I find amazing every time it happens.

We will be in some very rural area, without electricity and hot water, never mind internet.  We will take the iPads at the end of the day, after all the data has been entered, and upload them using the phone signal.

On the other side of the world in Champaign, Illinois, someone will immediately see our data and start telling us where there may be errors to fix.  It’s funny that they sometimes have to text us instructions because there is no other way to communicate.

We then can work, while we are still on the ground, to make sure we have everything clean (actually, using this method, there are few errors anyway).  It is like magic.

To listen to Maryalice, paste this into your browser:

Then move the play indicator to 49.50.  Nice picture of her there, too!


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