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Hoshyar Foundation and Sliderocket

When I first got an email containing this presentation, I was afraid I was about to look at some “hate Muslims” piece from the American right wing. I checked the Hoshyar Foundation’s website and it appears to be a legitimate secular organization dedicated to helping girls go to school in south Asia, especially Pakistan. The presentation itself is simply beautiful. The software provider, Sliderocket, is donating money for every new viewer who looks at it, obviously in hopes that enough of us will be impressed with the quality of the work that we will look into the software. Actually, I did look at the software and have already become a subscriber because this tool will help me a lot in my work. My husband, Jim, cried when he saw the video and is now looking at the software, too. So, here is another strategy to build assistance for women on a commercial, sustainable foundation. Very effective.

Please do look at the presentation. Whether you are interested in the software or not, the video itself is worth watching and the cause is a good one.


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