Give the Gift of Women’s Empowerment – The DXE Holiday Gift Guide is Here!

This holiday season, forget giving yet another expected Christmas present and make this year’s gift giving matter!

2016 has been full of ups and downs (#PresidentTrump) and it feels more important than ever to give back. So, you could go ahead with gifting the kiddos another dancing Snowman that sings “Ice Ice Baby”…or turn one gift into two by considering one of these ideas below where your purchase ultimately goes toward the work of women’s economic empowerment.

Heifer International, CARE International, Ten Thousand Villages, Solar SisterFair Trade Winds, and Global Goods Partners are just a few of many organizations aimed at encouraging shoppers to stretch this year’s holiday spending to also support women’s empowerment through beautiful, handmade crafts, donations to support women’s entrepreneurship and trainings, and more. But when in doubt, a donation to Planned Parenthood or the ACLU in your recipient’s name will support women’s rights, access to health services, and basic civil liberties at a time when women still endure ongoing struggles of gender bias.

Check out all the details below and let us know in the comments how you are supporting women’s empowerment through this year’s holiday gift giving.

Heifer International

Gift ideas that support women's economic empowerment

Heifer International’s programs are designed to give every girl a chance for success and we are proud to recommend the gift ideas below. View the entire Heifer International Women’s Empowerment Donation Catalog for even more ways you can support their efforts.

Launch a Small Business - $365

The Launch a Small Business donation would give women training on how to save money wisely and manage their own business. In addition, it would provide the much needed startup capital to start their journey. 

Enterpriser Gift Basket - $390

Purchasing this basket of rabbits, silk worms, and fish fingerlings, provides a women with what she needs to start her small business. She receives training in business management and animal care, as well as the startup capital needed to start. 

This is more than a gift basket! It’s just one way to empower a woman to become the breadwinner for her family and contribute to growing her local economy. 

Women Self Help Group - $72

The Women Self Help Group donation provides training sessions on business, lessons on how to read and write, access to livestock and additional training, and more. By bringing these women together to learn from each other, it provides the encouragement and knowledge to create a better life for them and their families. 

Send a Girl to School - $275

When you send a girl to school through this donation, you provide a family with training and livestock so they can earn the income needed to pay for their daughter’s education. It empowers young women and pays for their school tuition, supplies, and more. 

CARE International

Like Heifer, CARE does some amazing work towards women’s empowerment. Their Gifts of Lasting Change page features some unique ways to spend your donation in not only women’s empowerment, but also education, farming, animals, basic needs, and more.

Scholarship for a Girl to Attend Secondary School - $143.00

The benefits to girls who stay in school and continue their education are vast — they are healthier, earn more money, start families later, and more. As one of their Gifts of Lasting Change, this donation gifts an education to one girl.

Child Marriage Prevention and Services - $100.00

With the Child Marriage Prevention and Services gift, CARE works to combat child marriage and offers support to women and girls affected by the devastating result of child marriage. Your gifts provides training in reproductive health, financial literacy, and more for child brides to set them up for success.

Sewing Machine and Training - $150.00

CARE provides training, business skills development and equipment like sewing machines to help women start their own tailoring business.

Girls Mentorship Club - $81.00

With this gift, you provide girls mentorship clubs with startup materials and equipment. Through activities like gardening, sports, sewing, or drama, mentorship clubs build leadership and interpersonal skills among girls with a common interest.

Leadership Training for 1 Girl - $26.00

By gifting Leadership Training for 1 Girl, CARE provides training to girls to build their assertiveness and to serve as leaders in their villages and schools.