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“Girl Clothes Without the Girly!”

Where was this T-shirt when Liza was little?

Where were these people when I was shopping for girl clothes?

Pink is one of my favorite colors and I don’t mind a little glitter or even the occasional ballerina imagery.  But after a while, it is like eating nothing but sugar.  I got so tired of buying turquoise, purple, and pink, I started shopping in the boys’ department just to see my kids in a different color.

Now here comes the solution: Girls Will Be.  The whole raison d’etre for this site is to give girls something to wear besides the standard three colors.  Sharon Choksi, a University of Chicago MBA who decided in 2006 to stay at home with her children, found her daughter didn’t like the narrow color range. So, she partnered up with her own sibs, David and Laura Burns, to design and produce this new line.

Together, these three came up with concept that went beyond giving girls a wider range of colors. They also redesigned the fit:  offering T-shirts without cap sleeves!  Shirts you can play in, because they are cut right for movement. Instead of all faux-sexy, snug, and stupid.

A T-shirt for girls. With bugs on it. Great.

Best of all, their T-shirt graphics are original, contemporary, sometimes funny, and definitely cool.  Even if you shop the boys’ department, you quickly learn they are saddled with their own clichés (dinosaurs or superheroes, anyone?) and their own limited color palette (primary colors plus black and grey, end of story).  These clothes are fresh and fun and modern–and different! Already, the site is low on inventory.  I’m guessing there will be a lot of interest in these clothes, because Girls Will Be speaks to both a political and aesthetic desire among modern moms to break out of the girls’ department brain lock.


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