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Figures of Disbelief

Women control purchasing in nearly every product category there is, including stuff like cars and computers.  And not by a narrow margin, but by a big one. People will believe this about laundry detergent and disposable diapers, but I find they just are not ready to accept the scope of dominance when it comes to provisioning (a term I prefer to “consumption” because it properly points to the essential nature of household purchasing).

Where people really fall out of bed is when you tell them that, increasingly, women also control wealth.  Just two nights ago, I was defending this information (first reported by the Fed itself several years back) to someone right here at Convergence.  It seems hard to believe that more than half of the wealth in the US is controlled by women.  The reasons this has happened are two (1) women live longer and (2) more women are making their own wealth through work and entrepreneurship.

But I did feel I needed some additional validation. So, I’m putting up this infographic that Betsy Teutsch sent.  Maybe if it looks like USA Today, it will seem more acceptable.  Look closely at these numbers.  I don’t see how you can look at such figures and not believe that women are a core force in the world economy.

Scroll all the way down to get the full impact, especially of the wealth control numbers.


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