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EGG (Educate Girls Globally) Presents Successful New Model

At the Interbrand conference, I became aware of a new organization with a mission very close to my heart. Educate Girls Globally is led by an interesting team drawn from the policy and investment worlds. Two board members, Joelle Wyser-Pratte and Robert Kiernan, were present at the meeting. Kiernan commanded the attention of the group from a panel discussion when he presented compelling statistics about the power of girls’ education to improve the wellbeing of nations. He also told of a successful pilot program that EGG had done in India, in which girls were brought back into education with the support of the village elders. In these cases, the men had continued their support by building wells and toilets for the girls to be able to go to school more easily. It seemed a very hopeful report and I am looking forward to receiving more information about EGG’s model from Joelle and Robert. I understand that EGG intends to expand into east Africa in the very near future, so I hope our paths will cross again.


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