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By the Light of Our Privates

A doctoral student here at Oxford alerted me to the controversy over this product, Clean and Intimate Dry Wash, which is some kind of lightener for the vaginal area now being advertised in India.

This student also connected me to the hilarious commentary at Jezebel. I admit that I laughed til I cried and promptly sent the link around to friends, colleagues, and family. However, the whole issue is, of course, not very funny at all.  The advertisement, in particular, in the way that it dramatizes the apparent dissatisfaction of the young man and the blame-taking expression of the young woman, is really offensive.

I am looking forward to the companion product, the penis lightener.  Hair removal and wrinkle cream for the scrotum could also be popular.  Coming up with the genteel, euphemistic animated demo for television could be a challenge, however.


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