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Brave Girl Tarted Up

I can’t take it.  The Disney people have turned Merida, the freshest, most original heroine they have ever produced, into a conventional Disney princess.  The spunky protagonist of Brave, whose long unruly mane was a star in its own right, is now all sparkly and busty. The recreation was, supposedly, to make her  more appropriate to stand with the rest of the princess lineup–in group illustrations?  And, of course, that new image would become the basis for toys and T-shirts, rather than the original Merida.

I stood up for Disney when they spiffed up Minnie Mouse (in part, because she had needed a makeover for decades).  And I loved the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique at Disneyland.  So I am hardly your usual feminist critic when it comes to Disney princesses. But there is no excuse for this.  Merida is a new heroine, fresh from her success in the marketplace, already loved by little girls just as she is. What possible justification can there be for this? I can’t think of another explanation except prejudice.  Or maybe stupidity.

What's the excuse for this? Lovely, admirable teen turned into "hot"-looking bore.

NEWSFLASH!  Just posted:  Disney has withdrawn the new Merida, amid viral outrage.  (Way to go, girls!)  At least for now.  No comment yet about planned toys.


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