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With my colleagues from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Jing Ma and Stephanie He, I worked on writing a case study of BingoBagel, a new enterprise in Chengdu. The proprietor, Fei Fei Wu, was inspired to introduce the bagel to China. She has now opened two cheerful shops and plans to open two more within the next six

Fei Fei Wu, owner of BingoBagel in Chengdu, China

months. Fei Fei is innovating with new bakery items, as well as an array of Taiwanese milk and tea drinks and desserts. The case will be an interesting one, we think, because it addresses the difficulty of speaking to new food habits in China. Though Starbucks and KFC and others have made a big splash here, there are still strong habits in place. Entrepreneurs like Fei Fei must work with these established habits while also introducing new ones.


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