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“18 Again” Promises You’ll Feel Like a Virgin

You have to see it to believe it.  After tipping me off to the vaginal whitening cream being advertised in India, a doctoral student sent me another link to a commercial for a vaginal tightening cream.

So, whitening and tightening.  I am not kidding.

The commercial, I am chagrined to say, is funny and charming.  Especially the old folks at the end, looking online together, clearly thinking they will give it a try themselves.

The very idea is offensive, yes.  It makes me want to say something flippant and vicious like: “Ladies, for all of you who have ever told them size doesn’t matter, stop lying right now.”

But I guess this product goes into the same bin with every Fountain of Youth promise to which humanity has fallen victim.  And, from that standpoint, I find it more amusing than offensive.  The website promises things like:  “Now, every time feels like the first time.” “After years, we have fallen in love again.” “Just when we thought our wild days were over, we started all over again.”  All illustrated with people who look perfectly normal.

So, yeah.  What can I say?  Have your Visa or Mastercard ready.


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