About Double X Economy

The mission of the Double X Economy is to make visible the considerable and interconnected economic activities of women, as well as to join in the worldwide effort to include them in the global economy.

Linda Scott was an early pioneer in the movement to empower women by increasing their engagement with the market economy.

Her concept, The Double X Economy, reimagines the world economy as a complex, interconnected, and potentially powerful community of women, engaged not only as consumers and workers, but as investors, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists—the full range of economic activity.  She develops this concept through specialised projects and partnerships that test new interventions for helping women overcome traditional obstacles to economic empowerment, such as lack of access to capital or markets.

Why? While women have always engaged in economic behavior, their activities and outcomes have usually gone unnoticed, unmeasured, untracked, and unregulated, because of assumptions and limitations inherent in conventional economic thought. Because women usually are either employed in informal work or in unmonetized work, their considerable power has been made invisible by valuation systems that only recognize monetized transactions. The further tendency to focus on production without recognizing the role consumption plays in developing human capabilities and setting ethical standards has tended to obscure the power and reach of the women’s economy.