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Walmart: Empowering Women Together
Designing a measurement system for the Empowering Women Together global initiative, a program that incubates women’s businesses, allowing them to sell on their website and, if possible, grow to become suppliers to the stores.

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Connected Women report, on how mobile can support women’s economic and social empowerment, co-authored in collaboration with Accenture Sustainability Services and support from the Vodafone Foundation, including assembling statistics and examples to show how women’s disadvantages in the domains of health, education, work, violence, and isolation create social problems for all of us, as well as inhibiting growth and prosperity everywhere.

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Sanitary Care and Girls' Education

Investigations into the effects that inadequate sanitary care provisions may have on girls’ educational achievements in the developing world.

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Women's Entrepreneurship

Investigations into the ways that entrepreneurial activities can offer economic autonomy and expand to other ways of empowerment for women in the poor nations.

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Avon in Africa

A study of the impact of the Avon system on both the women who sell their products and those who buy them.

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The Sacred Feminine

Works, study, and commentary on women and religion, with special emphasis on the ways that the feminine face of the divine is re-emerging around the world.

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Women Helping Women

Works and commentary on the ways that women use their skills, wealth, energy, and power to assist other women in need.


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