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Good for Gucci

My friend, Nada Dugas, who has long worked with me from her perch at Procter & Gamble, sent me a link to this great new campaign, Chime for Change, founded by Gucci. It’s getting crowded out there, but this one is worth looking at.

First of all, the images in the video are the tough ones.  Not pretty pictures of airbrushed poverty, but news coverage of marches, protests of violence, even tears. Second, it includes men in the voices for change. (You don’t need to have breasts to know injustice when you see it.) Finally, it pulls in celebrity in a way that makes sense:  Salma Hayek, Frida Giannini, and Beyoncé put their voices together behind education, health, and justice–hence, chimes for change.

Gucci/Chime for Change is working through Catapult, another innovation.  Catapult came on the scene just a few months ago, launched by WomenDeliver. It has the distinction of being the first crowd-funding site focused on gender equality.  Catapult works like Kiva or Kickstarter, but the projects are all about helping women and girls.


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