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Book Review: The Basic Guide to Government Contracting by Gloria Larkin

Gloria Larkin is, I suspect, the world’s authority on how to sell to the US federal government.  I cannot imagine how anyone could know more than the stuff in this book.  And it is written with the simple clarity of somebody who totally knows what she is talking about.

Larkin opens with very practical advice about starting your own business:  from whether you are suited to being an entrepreneur to how to deal with the taxes, she is straightforward, friendly and thorough.

She goes on to sketch out how the government sees small businesses, as well as how the government is organized, from a seller’s point of view.  Then, step-by-step you go through the way the feds buy goods.  And then how to market to them.  Then there are three chapters of advice about strategy, getting to know the right people, and basic do’s and don’ts.

The Basic Guide to Government Contracting has got to be the go-to book on this topic.  Clear, accessible, complete, straightforward.


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