DoubleXEconomy Intelligence

dxeilogo bannerDoubleXEconomy Intelligence is a research and consulting firm dedicated to bringing more women into the world economy. Its mission is to bring more women into positive economic engagement by helping clients to produce innovative efforts — through internal or external corporate development initiatives — and monitor their impact.

DXEi bannerDXEi capitalizes on the expertise of its founder, Professor Linda Scott, but also on the network of colleagues who have helped produce a wide-ranging platform of work on women’s economic empowerment from a variety of perspectives, including:finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, change management, and international development.   The focus of much of our work has been the design, implementation, and measurement of practical programs that affect real change in overcoming barriers for women.  Our on-the-ground experience, from the Executive Boardroom to the remote African continent, provides a unique understanding of the efficacy of such efforts in a variety of contexts. Let us help you:

  • Create New Opportunities for Women
  • Transform Corporate Culture
  • Expand Revenue Streams
  • Monitor and Evaluate your Impact

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