Perrin Braun

Perrin is a nutrition and public health graduate student at Tufts University. In her spare time, she enjoys running, hot yoga, and thinking about her next meal.



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“It’s a Chicken Because It’s Always Been a Chicken”

*posted by Perrin Braun Chris Kirk (who is maybe a guy?) has written a solid gender critique of the video games industry following on the rape joke by a Microsoft employee in front of a large crowd at the E3 2013 convention.  Microsoft has apologized for this incident, but Kirk points out that the...

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News Flash: The Sky is Falling

*posted by Perrin Braun A Fox television panel caused much outcry in the United States last week. This all-male panel discussed a newly released Pew Research report showing that in 40% of American households, the main breadwinner is female. It is amazing to me to see how direct the connection is...

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